Skype for Business integration

Everybody knows Skype for Business. Like it or not, the adaptation of the most well-known video call tool to the business universe has been quite successful. For that reason, several video conferencing services providers have decided to integrate in their products the ability to call or receive calls from Skype for Business clients.

VEEDEEO is now part of those video conferencing service providers who makes it possible to join, in the very same video call, both VEEDEEO and Skype for Business users.

VEEDEEO customers can call and receive calls from Skype for Business users in their virtual meeting rooms:

  • they can invite Skype for Business users to multipoint video calls with other devices (smartphones via mobile app, PCs, internal or external video conferencing systems and phones);
  • they can call Skype for Business users (or even personal Skype accounts) during a on-going video call from the VEEDEEO call interface.

For those companies with registered video systems in the VEEDEEO cloud, calls between Skype for Business users and those systems can be placed directly:

  • Skype for Business users can call directly the video system by dialing its VEEDEEO number address as if they were calling any other Skype user.

VEEDEEO has been looking to unify all possible video communications devices and systems to help companies widen their remote collaboration possibilities. All of this complemented, of course, with advanced features of content sharing, recording, real time broadcasting to large audiences and much more.

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VEEDEEO introduces the Cloud Video Room Console

VEEDEEO has hosted the webinar “Bring your Video System to the Cloud” on April 11 to introduce a new service for companies with video conferencing systems – the Cloud Video Room Console.

This new service is free and is available online without the need to instal anything. Users will only have to register video conferencing systems in the VEEDEEO cloud – free and unlimitedly.

The Cloud Video Room Console is a call management console built for the comfort of its users, so they can start a video call as fast as a single tap.

Tablet_Room Console

We share the new service release so you can learn more about this console where you can:

  • start a video call with internal or external equipments
  • search in the corporate directory all registered systems of your company
  • search in the global directory all the registered video systems of the world

>> Watch the webinar here <<

Each equipment or video conferencing room has one dedicated Room Console. To have access to the Room Consoles you just need to create an account and register the equipments in the VEEDEEO cloud. Account and register are free and include personalized support.

This webinar follows the release of the Global Video Directory this February. Learn more about the Global Video Directory and what all its benefits for your business.

>> Register you video conferencing system for free and try the Room Console <<

VEEDEEO introduces the global video network

It’s official!

VEEDEEO has released the first global network for enterprise video communications on the 8th of February during a webinar to a large online audience.

During an informal conversation, Carlos Tavares, CEO and founder of VEEDEEO, introduced the network, explaining its importance and utility for companies with video conferencing equipments. The recording of the online event is available to replay in this link.

The good thing about the VEEDEEO’s global network is it solves problems caused by firewalls, allowing direct video calls between two video conferencing systems – internal or external – with the exact same easiness as we make phone calls. Each equipment must be registered to get a video number. Also it works as a global directory, where users can make their equipment’s video numbers visible (optional) to other users, thus making it easier to call any equipment.

As the network keeps growing every day, companies find this service quite useful to facilitate communications with other companies, saving them from complex configurations and other technical headaches.

This service is free and unlimited. To start making direct 1-to-1 video calls, it’s only necessary to create an account and then register each video equipment on the VEEDEEO cloud directory.

For more information, visit the VEEDEEO website.

VEEDEEO creates the first free video communications directory in the world

This new global directory makes video communications as simple as traditional phone calls and represents a step forward into a trully video connected world.

VEEDEEO has released the very first global video directory for video conferencing systems. This service is available to any company, entirely for free.

The VEEDEEO network works as a global and independent directory in the cloud where companies register their video equipments, independently of manufacturer – supporting Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Huawei and others. Each video system gets a unique and global video number. With this number it is possible to make and receive video calls directly between registered systems, with the same ease as doing a normal phone call.


“One of the main causes that make video calling so painful is that there is no centralized system to distribute unique video numbers to all video endpoints and handle the necessary network connections”, says Carlos Tavares, the founder and CEO of VEEDEEO. “Making video calls between systems in different networks is often extremely difficult because it involves complex configurations and other time consuming security issues that require technical expertise”.

To solve this problem – and make video communications truly universal – VEEDEEO has created a central cloud system, based in market standards, that free companies from the need to have additional hardware to make external video calls. Each video conferencing system works as a video endpoint in the network. It also ensures the best security for the corporate networks when it comes to video communications. The VEEDEEO platform handles the public and private IP conversions (NAT Traversal) of all registered video systems, safeguarding their privacy.

The VEEDEEO cloud platform is like a bridge between video systems. Any company can start a video call by simply dialing the 6 digit video number and wait for the destination to answer the call – all in seconds.

“We say this network is like the yellow pages for video conferencing, where any company can register free and give use to its video conferencing equipments with the entire world”, concludes Carlos Tavares.

This new platform has as primary goal to change the video communications landscape and to contribute to a closer video-connected world.

To register in the VEEDEEO network companies can create their free account at and follow the step-by-step instructions provided.

Registrations in the VEEDEEO cloud are unlimited, meaning companies can register all their video conferencing systems at no costs.

Become part of the network. Partner with VEEDEEO and start building the directory for your own customers.