Meet the new VEEDEEO interface

Having your user experience in mind, we have improved VEEDEEO interface and layout – we made it simpler, cleaner and more functional. You can easily navigate through it without wasting time learning how it works.

In this small article, we give you a quick overview of the new features and the motto to use and abuse of your VEEDEEO virtual meeting room.

Let’s have a look inside!

VEEDEEO Timeline has new navigation options

The VEEDEEO Timeline was improved – you can easily:

  • find what you need on the side menu,
  • quick dial a video conferencing number or insert a guest email to instantly join or start a video meeting by clicking on the QUICK DIAL button,
  • see the list of all scheduled and past video meetings and even copy a video meeting to keep the same details (such as participants or subject).


>> Learn more about the new Timeline.

Manage all meetings and users in the new improved Admin Dashboard

Get the info you need to start a new video meeting, creat new users, check all scheduled meetings… Learn a little more about the new Admin Dashboard feature.

Search all meeting data in History

In the History section you can easily search by meeting date, name and account user and get a detailed report of the meeting duration, the participant list and the total minutes spent in each video meeting.

This feature makes you informed of the VEEDEEO activity in your account.

Customize your user profile

You can link you LinkedIn or Facebook account and use your profile picture from these two social media networks, or you can create your own from Gravatar. You can change your user name, phone number and the timezone.


You have 4 ringtones for your income VEEDEEO calls. You can choose and change whenever you want.

Your profile also allows you to choose the video preferences of your meeting and broadcast sessions, as well as a link to your very own broadcast space.


Answer all your doubts in the How to section

First of all, your video meeting is THE MOST IMPORTANT. Take a few minutes to explore VEEDEEO platform and if you need any help, check our quick guides in the How to section on the left bar. If you need further help, contact our Customer Success Manager and he will help you meet with success.


Already excited with the new VEEDEEO features? Login to your account and find them yourself.