The Positive Impact of Video Conferencing in IT Companies

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

H.G. Wells


VC in its most rudimentary form has been around for quite a while now, but it’s literally changing the way in which we communicate, replicating and inspiring the camaraderie and empathy that any successful business should predicate its success upon.

Companies are constantly looking for new and smarter ways of investing, profiting and optimizing, and one way of doing so is by means of technology; and it’s not “just” about improving communications, it’s literally about the future of workforce connectivity [both on-site and remotely] with VC.


Why so popular?

The key reasons are pretty obvious: SIMPLICITY, CONVENIENCE AND ACCESSIBILITY, and currently this is ever more the case, thanks to the fully-featured suites of mobile apps provided by numerous developers.

Recent surveys show the tremendous impact that VC can have on a business, particularly those whose employees are spread out globally; for instance; 99,2% stated that the use of VC has helped them build stronger relationships both with fellow employees as well as individuals outside their organisations; 91,7% stated they were better articulating their messages when being able to communicate face-to-face via video chat; and last but not least, over 75% stated that the use of VC services increased their productivity and enhanced their work-life balance.


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Plus, the latest research findings from Frost & Sullivan clearly demonstrate that cloud-based VC services market is expecting a compound annual growth rate of 20,7%, and that alone, combined with the increased globalization of businesses, means that the market for speedy and reliable video conferencing services will only continue to grow.


Major Benefits

Significant Travel Expenses Reduction




“Being global” is here to stay and the need to communicate at all times, has truly become the norm; in that way, VC is a stellar solution to secure significant reductions from a travelling budget perspective, and there’s just no way of denying it.

Just imagine how many international business trips one would eliminate with a high-definition VC solution in place. No brainer, right?

Plus, travel cost reduction is the easiest expense to calculate by determining the ROI of a VC solution, so, to get a real sense of how much money your company could be saving, just make an estimation on how many trips are taken annually, multiply it by the average cost associated

[travel to/from airport + airfare + per diem expenses + salary of time lost while traveling]

versus the investment in a VC solution

[equipment, network, service and training], and that’s it.

Most companies are able to justify their entire VC investment in less than three months time, and some even sooner, so what are you waiting for?


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Increased Productivity & Efficiency

VC has had a dramatic effect on the way people do business nowadays, so what’s the point of having endless e-mail chains, when you can interact with colleagues in real-time, almost as if they were in the same room?

VC provides knowledgeable workers with the ability to easily share dynamic presentations and see actual reactions; naturally and as expected, this genuine, lifelike interaction results in faster decision making processes; in the ability to bring products to market quicker; and last but not least, in the opportunity to be more competitive.

Plus, research shows that 93% of all communication is nonverbal, so the implications are obvious since so much of sales, marketing and management comes down to it. VC allows participants to understand, process and collaborate over distance and ensures no inflection or gesture is missed or misinterpreted. For this reason, all parties involved are more likely to stay focused when video is added to the mix; decisions are faster; projects are shortened; and productivity is increased across the organisation.


Improved Management Communications




In the same way colleagues are able to better collaborate with one another, VC can also be viewed as a way of improving management communications, since technology offers a way of strengthening relationships way beyond the mere use of a telephone or e-mail.

Since nowadays customers have access to more people within’ an organisation other than the salesperson responsible for a particular account, it’s vital that relationships extend beyond an email signature; that can only be achieved through a more lifelike interaction, such as a meeting using high-definition VC.


Enhanced Business Opportunities

With reduced travel expenses, increased productivity and efficiency and improved management communications, there’s actually time left to focus on fostering professional relationships and potentiating new business opportunities, thus allowing the ultimate flexibility of working from wherever, whenever.


Improved Work & Life Balance




Any Team Manager knows that high morale translates into higher productivity, right?

Still, due to the pretty hectic lives that pretty much everybody is faced with nowadays, excessive business travel can not only burn out employees, but most importantly, contribute to familiar tensions and even “cripple” relationships.

By implementing VC within’ an organisation, one can guarantee that employees make meetings on-time and minimize the stress levels of a poor work & life balance.


BOTTOM LINE, VC technology has been globally embraced and is currently perceived as a mandatory tool, contributing to higher levels of productivity, increased morale and far more business opportunities, which is something that every organisation should strive for at all times.


What now?

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The Top 5 Reasons to Fall In Love With Veedeeo

Whether we assign a dollar value to it or not, time is currently the greatest commodity on the planet… period. Just think about how much of one’s typical work week is spent stressed about not having enough time to complete this or that task, reaching goals, meeting deadlines, delivering on time, and the list goes on and on.

No matter how anybody slices it, there are only 24 hours in a day, hence, Time is Limited. Yet, when one learns how to take control of time, its ability to focus improves, and with increased focus, comes increased efficiency, meaning, accomplishing more with less effort.

It also translates into better decision making, since through effective time management one can eliminate the pressure that comes from feeling that there’s just not enough time. Feeling calm and in control, decreases vastly the risk of making rushed decisions.

With this in mind, the multiplicative effect of time management it’s pretty straightforward.

Good time management allows one to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which allows taking advantage of learning opportunities, lowering stress levels, enhancing focus and ultimately, SUCCESS.

This is where VEEDEEO steps in, putting video at the center of your company’s collaborative strategy; allowing to meet instantly with teams, clients and partners across the globe using just a browser or an existing video conference room; and allowing to broadcast your brands to the world, engaging with customers in captivating and immersive online video experiences.

The future of video communication is NOW and the SKY is definitely NOT THE LIMIT.

Reasons to fall in love with VEEDEEO? Honestly, quite a lot… bare with our self modesty; still, let’s focus on the one’s we consider to be our Top 5 for now.



Forget about travel hassles and associated costs and start putting technology at the forefront of your company, maximizing efficiency and reducing expenditure. Make use of your existing video conference equipments, computers or mobile devices to meet remotely with anyone around the globe.

VEEDEEO enables you to use your existing video conferencing rooms to connect with external contacts anywhere, with the possibility of guests connecting via browser, or via their own SIP | H323 Video Systems, assuring the best possible experience.


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Meetings in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and London… in the same day?

Yes it’s possible, and all while comfortably seated in your video conference room.

The applications are numerous as one can imagine. It can be used to display new products and services to clients worldwide; to host seminars for professionals; to broadcast video in real-time to hundreds of people to make internal announcements or public releases; to provide training through video in real-time broadcasting sessions; all, just a click away.


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In need of closing major deals and literally racing against the clock? Just stop wasting your time and money travelling around. Initiate video meetings with partners and clients in a matter of seconds and get things done faster than you ever imagined.



Using our high quality video services, colleagues can exchange ideas, customer service can better satisfy customers and investor relations managers can advise shareholders. At a glance, Great Results = Highly Motivated Teams.

Deliver personalized and innovative video experiences to your customers, by means of creating direct video communication channels and having your sales and support teams eye-to-eye with them.

Innovate communication methods by use of video as the main contact channel, increasing trust and interactivity in the process; bring video to your brick and mortar stores to put clients in direct contact with experts at your offices and help desks.

Sounding way to complicated to implement? Not at all. Our Application Programming Interfaces [API’s] provide an easy deployment and with only a few lines of code, you can have a surprising video communication tool available in your website.


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Extend your video conferencing infrastructure with our cloud video service. Have easy and instant access to video meetings with several points without investing in new equipments or expensive maintenance services. VEEDEEO enables you to have a video MCU instantly available in the cloud.


All summed up, at the end of the day it’s all about STAYING AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION.

Make your company stand out of the crowd with an incredibly fast, universal and innovative service powered by video collaboration, improving productivity and teamwork, while surprising partners and customers with cutting edge video communication tools.


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Why are you wasting time? [9 Tips to optimize time management]

The most precious resource we all have is time. Steve Jobs


The world is spinning frantically. There is no time to waste.

So – time.

Is indeed a great asset many people fail to understand. Not because they don’t feel the ticking, but because they don’t know how effectively manage it. One thing we all know – “no man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” (Heraclitus), which is a poetic way to say we cannot freeze time or have it back. Our challenge is therefore “to decide what to do with the time that is given us” (J. R. R. Tolkien).

Want to save money? Find out the right tool.

Because video conference has everything to do with saving time, we decided to give you some tips on time management. We will dwell on how to manage time in your working environment, but you can adopt some of the ideas to your personal life.

In fact, you should save some for you and your family and friends – it is important to live life and bring enriching inputs from the experiences you collect to what you do – including your job.


1. Plan your week ahead…


… and keep planning every day. Planning in advance is half the battle and gives you a clear idea of what to do and where to start. Lack of preparation is like swimming on deep waters. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to help you plan your week – digital schedules, online apps like Trello or Weekplan or even mobile apps with reminders. Paper diaries are still fancy and can be your desk company during the week.

Also find your own work routine. For instance, start by reading the news, checking your email for urgent matters and your daily schedule for readjustments. Then set goals for each task.

What do you need to accomplish?

How long will it take?

This will help you to define the time you need to perform the task and give you a clearer view of your daily amount of work.


2. Don’t underestimate the power of a checklist

Yes, a simple task list can make wonders for your time management demand, and to support it you should read the words of one of its greatest defender.

American doctor Atul Gawande wrote a checklist manifesto and proved some successful – and impressive – results. He adopted checklists in several hospitals and the death caused by medical complications reduced about 35%. Plus, he considered checklists to bring security and control over work, and a boost on efficiency, focus and accuracy.


3. Delegate

Graphic designers in a meeting

Why is this so hard? If you are in position of sharing tasks, why do you keep piling up work? We know what you are thinking – nobody does things better than you. That is not entirely true. You belong to a team of coworkers with the same top goal – to make the organization succeed – so you must trust their discernment and capacity.

Takeaway: to delegate is also a way of empowerment and is highly motivational for the person you are trusting in. It is a good way of training someone and to make them satisfied and committed to the job. Nobody likes to be left on the corner. People want to participate, feel useful, be rewarded for their good work.

Besides, when you trust someone, you are fostering a relationship of reliance, which is crucial for success to happen.


4. Define goals

What is more important for each task? Quality? To be delivered on time? Do this exercise to every item on your list. It’s a good way to self-evaluate your performance and measure your level of efficiency.

Takeaway: Prepare for your meetings in advance. Avoid the excuse “I did not have the time to look at this”, unless you want your audience wary of what you will say next. Instead make a good impression on your colleagues, partners and clients with a fluid speech and solid answers. They will see you as someone who takes at least 5 minutes to get prepared, so you must be organized and trustable.


5. Resist the temptation

There are plenty of distractions over our desk that take you time and kill your productivity – computer and mobile devices with internet access are the worst.



6. Fight the enemies of productivity


Smartphones: new generations are so dependent on their mobile phones they check it at least 43 times a day. If you do the same but can’t fight the feeling, try switching it off or leave it behind during important meetings or tasks.

Email and googling: it’s hard to avoid them, but try to check email during specific hours.

Social media: peeking your friend’s profiles on Facebook or Instagram only takes 5 seconds, you say. But then you spend 10 minutes reading your feed. Probably you do this because you are bored. Why don’t you take a break instead?


7. Breaks save you time


We are not machines and our bodies require small breaks to recover energy. Besides, science tells us breaks help be more focused. Our brains are constantly being stimulated and our attention is attracted by many things at the same time.

To combat or mind dispersion, specially if we are committed to perform long tasks, we should take brief breaks in order to keep the focus. When you stop, you think more clearly. We need some quick detachment from what we are doing to see in from another perspective.

Taking a break may help us redefine goals or redo things that are not correct and we were too concentrated to pay attention. So take 5 minutes several times a day, 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes in the afternoon – you decide – to breathe, get some fresh air and then return to see your task being done with ease.


8. Stop saying “yes” to everything

You won’t look good in the picture when you start failing. You want to help everyone and show you are capable of doing a lot, but you are only human, not a machine, so be fair to your physical and psychological limits.


9. Unplug when you leave work

Three young women talking and laughing in the street.

We spend a great part of our day in our workplace. But, like everything else, we have to switch off and fill our minds with other thoughts. Don’t feel guilty. Your life is yours forever, but a job, well – it’s only a job. Do your best during office hours and have time to eat, to think, to have fun.

So take time for you – to eat better, to recreation, to get work done according to schedule. It allows you to create great ideas that inspire and distinguishes your business from others. It also makes you feel healthier – more time means less stress. Motivation will follow, and then success.

Why are you still wasting your time? Try VEEDEEO today for free and rush to save time.