Turn chat during your webinars or online events public, private or disabled

Give your viewers the privacy they need to ask questions and leave comments during your webinar. If VEEDEEO is your preferable tool for your webinars, learn how to use the Broadcast Chat.

First of all, you can decide whether to enable or not the chat during your session. Why not, you may ask? It depends on the content of your speech.

But if you are planning to answer questions, you can keep the chat enabled (which it already is by default). Use the toggle button to Disable broadcast chat (as below).

Broadcast Chat_Disable

To open the chat window on your VEEDEEO space, go to the left menu and select Broadcast Chat. The chat window will appear on the right side of the screen (see image below).

Broadcast Chat_Menu

All chat details will be archived so you can access it later.

You can also make your broadcast chat private. On the window chat, at the top, use the toogle button to make chat private (as below). Chat will be private if this icon Broadcast Chat_Private_icon is orange. All comments and questions from viewers will be only read by the organizer / presenter of the webinar or online event.

Broadcast Chat_Private

If you prefer to offer a personalized answer after the session, you can access the chat details and contact the viewer directly. Go the meeting card on the Past Meetings section of the Timeline and click on the icon Broadcast_Past Meeting Timeline_Icon BroadcastvIewers Details (Broadcast Viewers Details). You will be able to see all relevant chat details listed in the Broadcast Chat Transcript section, such as content, name of the viewer who made the comment and timestamp.

Broadcast Viewers Details_Chat

You can download all details to a .CSV file (editable in Excel or Google Sheets).

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Build your contact lists from your VEEDEEO broadcast sessions

We understand webinars and online events are great marketing actions and lead collectors. VEEDEEO has been developing the Video Broadcast feature so it can be the perfect tool for marketing, human resources and customer support departments. Our main concern is, of course, the image and audio quality, but we also want to help you build your contact lists.

That is why we are now introducing the possibility of requesting both name and email of all viewers. This feature is optional and you can disable it anytime before starting your broadcast session.

To enable Name and Email, go to your VEEDEEO space and start a broadcast session. On the broadcast settings board, select the option “Require name and email to watch” by activating the toggle button (see image below).

Broadcast_Email and Name

When you enable this option, all viewers will be requested to insert their email and name before watching.

Broadcast_Email and Name request

To access the viewers list after the broadcast session has ended, go to your Timeline and look for the Past Meetings. On the respective meeting card press the icon Broadcast_Past Meeting Timeline_Icon BroadcastvIewers Details (Broadcast viewers details).

You will be able to see the full list of the broadcast viewers, their emails and the time they joined and left the session. Also you can download all details to a .csv file (editable in tools like Excel or Google Sheets).

Broadcast_ Viewers details

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