VEEDEEO creates the first free video communications directory in the world

This new global directory makes video communications as simple as traditional phone calls and represents a step forward into a trully video connected world.

VEEDEEO has released the very first global video directory for video conferencing systems. This service is available to any company, entirely for free.

The VEEDEEO network works as a global and independent directory in the cloud where companies register their video equipments, independently of manufacturer – supporting Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Huawei and others. Each video system gets a unique and global video number. With this number it is possible to make and receive video calls directly between registered systems, with the same ease as doing a normal phone call.


“One of the main causes that make video calling so painful is that there is no centralized system to distribute unique video numbers to all video endpoints and handle the necessary network connections”, says Carlos Tavares, the founder and CEO of VEEDEEO. “Making video calls between systems in different networks is often extremely difficult because it involves complex configurations and other time consuming security issues that require technical expertise”.

To solve this problem – and make video communications truly universal – VEEDEEO has created a central cloud system, based in market standards, that free companies from the need to have additional hardware to make external video calls. Each video conferencing system works as a video endpoint in the network. It also ensures the best security for the corporate networks when it comes to video communications. The VEEDEEO platform handles the public and private IP conversions (NAT Traversal) of all registered video systems, safeguarding their privacy.

The VEEDEEO cloud platform is like a bridge between video systems. Any company can start a video call by simply dialing the 6 digit video number and wait for the destination to answer the call – all in seconds.

“We say this network is like the yellow pages for video conferencing, where any company can register free and give use to its video conferencing equipments with the entire world”, concludes Carlos Tavares.

This new platform has as primary goal to change the video communications landscape and to contribute to a closer video-connected world.

To register in the VEEDEEO network companies can create their free account at and follow the step-by-step instructions provided.

Registrations in the VEEDEEO cloud are unlimited, meaning companies can register all their video conferencing systems at no costs.

Become part of the network. Partner with VEEDEEO and start building the directory for your own customers.