Call video systems and phones directly from VEEDEEO

Call video conferencing systems

Following some feedback from customers reporting they had troubles connecting older video conferencing systems to the cloud and, consequently, hosting video meetings, we developed the Dial Out feature. Now you can call any video conferencing system, to its IP, from your desktop VEEDEEO session, as if you were making a regular phone call.

Login to VEEDEEO and start a video meeting. At any moment you can Dial Out to a video conferencing system. To connect the video system you just called, someone must accept the incoming call – and that’s it!

To dial out to a video system, go to the side bar menu on the VEEDEEO space interface and click Call Video Room. Insert the video conferencing IP to which you plan to call. Please note the video system must be switched on to receive the call.

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This feature is free and is included in your VEEDEEO service.

You must enable your video system to receive calls, by making your system IP public. Talk to our support team to understand how to make your IP public and still safe.

Join participants by calling their phones

VEEDEEO also allows you to invite participants by phone call. From your VEEDEEO session interface, you can call any phone, landline or mobile. Just click, on the side menu, Call Phone, and add the call details, including the right country phone code and the number. The guest only needs to answer the call to join the meeting.

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This feature is not included in the VEEDEEO basic service because it has additional costs associated to the calls. Contact to learn more about this feature or fill in the form: