Connect your endpoints directly to your virtual meeting room

If you have created endpoints in your VEEDEEO account, you probably have noticed you can add your endpoints as “guests” when you schedule your video meetings.

This is useful because it books the video conferencing room for your meeting (other users will know there will be a meeting in that room at determined time and date), but it also makes it faster to start your meeting.


If you are organizing a video meeting and you have added an endpoint as guest, you can connect the endpoint directy from your scheduled meeting card and automatically enter your meeting in “control mode”.

This is possible if your endpoint is registered in the VEEDEEO cloud gatekeeper. 30 minutes before the meeting scheduled start time, you will see a “Connect” button next to the endpoint “participant” name (as image below).


If you click Connect, you will connect the endpoint to your virtual meeting room.

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