7 Things you can do with video conferencing broadcast

If you are lacking ideas to start a live video broadcast session, get inspired with some of the (many) things you can do with this powerful communication tool.


1. Present new products and services to customers, fans and media at the same time

Make the big announcement through video and broadcast the launching event of that brand new special product or service to your large audience of enthusiasts, journalists, customers and partners.


2. Host real-time seminars or talks for professionals all over the world

Be it once a month or every week, supporting knowledge by hosting lectures with specialists is a great marketing weapon. Collaborators or external professionals worldwide, no manner who is your public, will recognise value in these events and get the word out. Nothing is more powerful for a brand or company than the word of mouth – especially if it is positive.


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3. Executive video meet-ups to exchange business expertise

Your company can become top of mind when it comes to brief video events. While saving money on logistics, you can also invite businessmen based abroad to join your video meet-ups and enrich them with their insights. This way you can build a privileged and exclusive communications channel to managers and directors and stand out.


4. Broadcast brand events to those who cannot attend physically

Company conventions, product collection presentations, brands international competitions… possibilities are endless. If a bunch of collaborators or partners could not take the plane to attend, they have a chance to be there, but remotely. Seated in the comfort of their offices, they can understand the new business directions of their company and learn what new projects are in the pipeline.


5. Report presentation

This might be useful to investor relations managers, for instance. They can use this as a report analysis and presentation tool and broadcast to all shareholders and associates while demonstrating results, business trends and other relevant content.


6. Online workshops

Personal trainer exercise routines, remote cooking or food processor recipe lessons, make up tips or even how to manage newborn babies – virtually almost anything can be broadcasted. Your company can have broadcast channels dedicated to online workshops with limited participation and turn into an extra income.


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7. Training events

In only one remote training session your company can gather a large number of attendees. This represents significant cost reductions, as it won’t be necessary to find a room, get food or coffee, or multiply the training sessions.


We challenge you to think of more video conferencing broadcast applications and share with us so we can help your business achieve success.


Oh, wait…

Before we finish, we are sure Youtube and Google Hangouts have crossed your mind. These tools are free and reach a large number of people. What VEEDEEO offers is a professional broadcast tool with premium support and, of course, a quality seal.

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2 Good reasons why video conferencing broadcast is good for your business

Knowledge is power. Modern and cultured societies consume information as they breathe air. If education makes society move forward, imagine what it can do in a company. Lack of communication means information is not flowing, and, as human bodies faint without air, companies eventually collapse.

Is not uncommon to witness some communication deficiencies among collaborators and hierarchies. This may happen due to the absence of good communications tools, the shortsightedness of decisions makers or even conservative cultures that still promote the gap between those who know what is happening and those who have absolutely no idea. Attitude influences behaviour, and silence results in uncertainty, reticence and more silence.

All businesses require team work. Each person is important to make the wheel turn. Communication is essential to put all team members going in the same direction. The purpose should always be the same – the success of the business. If this is the mindset, information will flow, ideas will sprout and projects will speed up – and everyone will be satisfied.


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1. Reach people through video conference

Meetings are a good way of reporting and sharing important data, but there are also written or audiovisual announcements released through the communications channels available in each company.

With technology, knowledge can be brought to a wider audience, from internal collaborators to shareholders. Announcements or meetings can be broadcasted real-time to hundreds of people from a video conferencing room or a computer – and all viewers listen to the news first hand.

At VEEDEEO we have created the means to allow any enterprise or brand to have as many video broadcasting channels as needed to communicate and expand their business.


2. Extend your company’s message to the world

You probably do not know (yet), but video is more and more an appellant resource for sales and marketing professionals. According to HighQ, 2015 was a great year for video as marketing tool. You can see an infographic with complete information on the collected data, but we highlight some interesting numbers:

  • by 2018, 79% of the internet consumer traffic will be video content
  • 69% of sales and marketing professionals used video
  • 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales and communication and consider video to be effective for brand awareness, lead generation and engagement

incredible data about video conferencing

Tip: Target your content

Your company can have one or several channels, each dedicated to specific topics or brands. There is no such thing as “general public”, and your content and message are not for every ears and eyes. Select and build your audience with relevant information for each targeted group of people and allocate it to one broadcast channel. This is also an easier way to manage each channel.

Mind flourishing with ideas for your business? Start broadcasting today!

Video chat on your website: a faster way to answer your customers’ needs

VEEDEEO has created a new enterprise communication tool for sales, marketing and customer service teams. Any brand or business can now make available on their websites a video-chat channel as an alternative to forms or written messages that sometimes takes a while to be answered.

This new tool can be deployed as a common button or a small “call to action” video using the VEEDEEO API – a serious invitation for endless creativity – on any page of the website, or on the reference of a particular product or service. By clicking the video-chat button, the visitor of the website will automatically start a face to face call with an assistant of the company.

The possibilities are huge. With only a few lines of code any brand or company can have one or more video communications channels with several assistants at hand to answer to all prospects and customers that come by their website – just like in a regular call center or help desk.

Besides having this tool available in any website accessible by any internet traveler, regular customer, curious or brand aficionado, stores or business establishments can provide counters with computers dedicated to video-chats in their B&Ms. This might be an interesting way to reach more customers and keep them instead of having people waiting in line for their turn to be served.


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3 Reasons why we recommend it

1. Offer a faster and ultra-personalized customer support


Closeup of a male hand holding a smart phone during a skype vide


Written messages may be confusing or lacking information because of synthase errors or difficulty to convey the message through writing. The process of uncovering what the client needs may take longer that is acceptable for both parts. A phone call is usually more productive than an email, so imagine the perks of a video call. It is more engaging for the customer and, for the assistant, this represents a good way to evaluate the potential interest and the real necessity of the person. This way they present them the best solution and pricing plan and avoid boring customers with inadequate alternatives.


2. Put sales in immediate contact with prospects


Video Conferencing Web.png


Do not spend another day or week waiting for a prospect to turn into a customer, risking failure. In minutes sales teams can evaluate each lead potential and perform their magic. When people are interested in a specific product or service but do not know any brand yet, they attack several fronts in order to get the more advantageous resolution. If you are not ready to respond in the least time possible, you risk losing clients. Instead give them the chance to immediately contact any assistant or specialist and be surprised with irrefutable efficiency.


3. Improve your brand credibility


Shopper shopping with smartphone in the street


Maybe it is an overused phrase, but in this demanding new world, companies need to stand out from their competition. Quality and price are, of course, the main attractions, but there are more and more similar products and services on the menu, so the big difference may rely on the customer service that is provided – prompt, straight and targeted.

People who interact with brands will absorb, above everything else, experiences. It’s up to all brands to turn them positive or negative. It is not necessary to offer the most inspiring or creative experience – customers like to be treated like VIPs, no matter how much money they will spend on the brand, and sometimes a good support service is enough to entice and bind them. They will return for more, become regular consumers of the product or service, even recommend them to others.

By investing in a good relationship with customers, brands and companies are building a (good) reputation.




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