Countdown to the VEEDEEO european tour

3… 2… 1…

A VEEDEEO team will be travelling through Europe in the next weeks to attend three of the biggest european events for startups. The first stop will be the Wolves Summit, an event born in Poland this year, but with a fast growth. VEEDEEO has been selected as one of the 300 best startups and will compete at the Great Pitch for a prize of $100.000 in investment. The Wolves Summit connects investors and startups intensively, giving not only training for startups, but also focusing its program in several moments of networking, chats with investors and, of course, the pitches.

Then VEEDEEO is heading north, to Ireland, to exhibit at the biggest startup and technology fair in Europe – the Web Summit. VEEDEEO was selected as part of the ALPHA program and will be presenting its features to all the visitors of the summit. This is the last year Web Summit will be held in Dublin (at least for the next three years).

The european tour ends in Helsinki, Finland, at the Slush, a dynamic and fast paced event for startups.

VEEDEEO is looking for investors and partnerships, so expectations are high.

Wish us a great journey!

VEEDEEO partners with Orcinus

VEEDEEO is proud to announce its partnership with Orcinus, a portuguese company with more than 15 years of expertise in the IT world.

Orcinus represents Avaya, one of the biggest video conferencing systems and equipments provider, in Portugal, but its product and service portfolio includes unified communications solutions for several user profiles, cloud computing and audio conferencing and video conferencing equipment. Orcinus has also entered the african market.

Being a cloud solution, VEEDEEO is a good complement to any video conferencing system, and Orcinus saw a great opportunity to increase its product portfolio. According to Carlos Basto, CEO of Orcinus, “after doing tests between our video rooms and the VEEDEEO cloud, I was even more convinced of the success of this partnership”.

Find more about Orcinus.

Does this look familiar to you?

Your company has invested in a high quality video conferencing equipment some years ago. At first, it was used a few times to communicate with other branch offices. It served its purpose and everyone was excited about the video room – you probably felt like driving USS Enterprise.

The real problem came when some of your clients and partners started to acquire video conferencing systems and ask to meet in video conferences. Some had bought systems with a different protocol than the one your company have, which made impossible to host video meetings with those clients and partners. Gradually, your company reduced the number of video meetings until people began to think the system was obsolete and had been a waste of money.

Not anymore.

Unless your video conference is too old and needs to be replaced, it is still functional and can be extended to its full potential. The good news is VEEDEEO solves connection issues and allows your video room to link with any video system in the world, regardless of manufacturer or protocol language.

VEEDEEO was entirely built in a cloud infrastructure – the best available in the world, we can assure you – and offers all the benefits of cloud computing. It actually follows a trend that is affecting video conferencing these days.

>> Test the connectivity of your video conferencing system to the cloud <<

The cloud is scalable, which means it adjusts its capacity to the needs of your company, giving it flexibility at an affordable and fair price. It is also secure – although many decision makers think otherwise, the cloud is foolproof. Hardware, I’m sorry to remind you, is fallible. But we can talk about this in another time. For now, its important to say VEEDEEO connects systems outside any company network, in a neutral space (to which we affectionately call “VEEDEEO space”), saving all companies the trouble of firewall configurations.

Here’s how things can be with VEEDEEO: your company hosting face to face meetings with high quality and giving a whole new usage to its in-house video equipment.

>> Wanna give it a try? You can create a VEEDEEO account and test the video cloud for free! <<

Do not postpone meetings with those clients or partners who like to close deals as fast as possible, or waste time waiting for the most opportune time to close those deals. You may lose your chance – and the modern business world is always in a hurry. It is time to return to the USS Enterprise and drive it to another galaxy.

USS Enterprise

Or, at least, be driven to a whole new way of making business.

Get started now – create your Free Account here.

New website, new roads to ride

VEEDEEO has a new website – finally. It means new video roads to ride.

We have three directions available to every company who needs a video revolution in its workplace:

  • video connectivity, the fastest lane to link different video conferencing protocols, overtaking network barriers and keeping all video meetings safe;
  • cloud MCU, the shortcut to host multipoint video meetings with a low investment – and great quality;
  • personal video spaces, speeding up to make video collaboration a work standard in every company – imagine all your co-workers meeting anytime, from anywhere, whenever needed as easily as making a phone call.

If you want to know more about what VEEDEEO can do for your company, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.