The Positive Impact of Video Conferencing in IT Companies

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

H.G. Wells

VC in its most rudimentary form has been around for quite a while now, but it’s literally changing the way in which we communicate, replicating and inspiring the camaraderie and empathy that any successful business should predicate its success upon.

Companies are constantly looking for new and smarter ways of investing, profiting and optimising, and one way of doing so is by means of technology; and it’s not “just” about improving communications, it’s literally about the future of workforces connectivity [both on-site and remotely] with VC.

Why so popular?

The key reasons are pretty obvious: SIMPLICITY, CONVENIENCE AND ACCESSIBILITY, and currently this is ever more the case, thanks to the fully-featured suites of mobile apps provided by numerous developers.

Recent surveys show the tremendous impact that VC can have on a business, particularly those whose employees are spread out globally; for instance; 99,2% stated that the use of VC has helped them build stronger relationships both with fellow employees as well as individuals outside their organisations; 91,7% stated they were better articulating their messages when being able to communicate face-to-face via video chat; and last but not least, over 75% stated that the use of VC services increased their productivity and enhanced their work-life balance.

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Plus, the latest research findings from Frost & Sullivan clearly demonstrate that cloud-based VC services market is expecting a compound annual growth rate of 20,7%, and that alone, combined with the increased globalisation of businesses, means that the market for speedy and reliable video conferencing services will only continue to grow.

Major Benefits

Significant Travel Expenses Reduction


“Being global” is here to stay and the need to communicate at all times, has truly become the norm; in that way, VC is a stellar solution to secure significant reductions from a travelling budget perspective, and there’s just no way of denying it.

Just imagine how many international business trips one would eliminate with a high-definition VC solution in place. No brainer, right?

Plus, travel cost reduction is the easiest expense to calculate by determining the ROI of a VC solution, so, to get a real sense of how much money your company could be saving, just make an estimation on how many trips are taken annually, multiply it by the average cost associated

[travel to/from airport + airfare + per diem expenses + salary of time lost while traveling]

versus the investment in a VC solution

[equipment, network, service and training], and that’s it.

Most companies are able to justify their entire VC investment in less than three months time, and some even sooner, so what are you waiting for?

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Increased Productivity & Efficiency

VC has had a dramatic effect on the way people do business nowadays, so what’s the point of having endless e-mail chains, when you can interact with colleagues in real-time, almost as if they were in the same room?

VC provides knowledgeable workers with the ability to easily share dynamic presentations and see actual reactions; naturally and as expected, this genuine, lifelike interaction results in faster decision making processes; in the ability to bring products to market quicker; and last but not least, in the opportunity to be more competitive.

Plus, research shows that 93% of all communication is nonverbal, so the implications are obvious since so much of sales, marketing and management comes down to it. VC allows participants to understand, process and collaborate over distance and ensures no inflection or gesture is missed or misinterpreted. For this reason, all parties involved are more likely to stay focused when video is added to the mix; decisions are faster; projects are shortened; and productivity is increased across the organisation.

Improved Management Communications


In the same way colleagues are able to better collaborate with one another, VC can also be viewed as a way of improving management communications, since technology offers a way of strengthening relationships way beyond the mere use of a telephone or e-mail.

Since nowadays customers have access to more people within’ an organisation other than the salesperson responsible for a particular account, it’s vital that relationships extend beyond an email signature; that can only be achieved through a more lifelike interaction, such as a meeting using high-definition VC.

Enhanced Business Opportunities

With reduced travel expenses, increased productivity and efficiency and improved management communications, there’s actually time left to focus on fostering professional relationships and potentiating new business opportunities, thus allowing the ultimate flexibility of working from wherever, whenever.

Improved Work & Life Balance


Any Team Manager knows that high morale translates into higher productivity, right?

Still, due to the pretty hectic lives that pretty much everybody is faced with nowadays, excessive business travel can not only burn out employees, but most importantly, contribute to familiar tensions and even “cripple” relationships.

By implementing VC within’ an organisation, one can guarantee that employees make meetings on-time and minimize the stress levels of a poor work & life balance.

BOTTOM LINE, VC technology has been globally embraced and is currently perceived as a mandatory tool, contributing to higher levels of productivity, increased morale and far more business opportunities, which is something that every organisation should strive for at all times.


What now?

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The Increase of Videoconferencing Software Solutions

Organizations are increasingly incorporating videoconferencing solutions in their day-to-day operations, and the Industry growth shows no signs of slowing down for the foreseeable future. Why?

Because a number of players still haven’t caught the train! Are you one of them?

The business landscape is in constant mutation, driven not only by technological developments, but also by the redefinition of what a workplace is and will eventually become in the near future.

With that in mind, collaboration is now front and center in the strategic plans of companies of all sizes, clearly driven by the need to build better teams, speed product and process development, and above all, sharing know-how and experiences among team members.

These are the main reasons why videoconferencing is growing within the business community and why it is set to become the preferred medium for communication in 2016, coming ahead of face-to-face meetings and recorded presentations.

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What are the main advantages of videoconferencing you may ask?

There are plenty:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Removal of distance barriers;
  • Ability of having meetings without leaving the office;
  • Attendance without the need of actually being there physically;
  • Significant reduction of travel and time costs associated to travelling;
  • Increased flexibility and possibility of promoting meetings on short notice;
  • Multi-point meetings across different time-zones and international boundaries;
  • And the list goes on and on and on…

Also, what are the biggest trends that backup mainstream video incorporation?

Support For Scale

As time goes by, the workplace will absorb more and more individuals who have grown up with the advent of internet, mobile devices and visual communications; that will translate in the need for organizations to meet the demands of this evolving workforce for greater mobility, flexibility and choice in how and where to work and which tools and devices to use for which tasks.

As a result, videoconferencing is currently being democratized, no longer being exclusive or limited to senior executives, but now available to product managers, business directors and HR resources experts among others.

Increased Reliability

Reliability is the name of the game for any successful business tool nowadays.

For videoconference solutions, being able to deliver a solid user experience on a regular basis is mandatory and this is particularly true in the communications world, where there is a multitude of participants, as well as a multitude of options available [voice, video, text, chat, email, etc].

Integration With Enterprise Systems

Long gone are the times when departments used stand-alone video conference applications, and nowadays, the ultimate goal is to provide business professionals with a single user interface or even a single application that can handle voice, video, text chat, presence status and even file sharing.

Infrastructure as Software on Physical and Virtual Servers

Running enterprise software on physical and virtual servers has been a common tech solution for many years, but only recently this concept has extended to video conferencing, where the need for complex, high-speed computation and low-latency response times is crucial to deliver an acceptable user experience.

The benefits of this new approach center on flexibility across the board: deployment flexibility, licensing flexibility, business model flexibility and technology flexibility.

Growth of Inter-Company Video Conferencing

Service providers have expanded their offer to allow companies to meet over video in the cloud, and over time, video conferencing has become common for inter-company communications.

In fact, recent surveys show that up to one-third of video calls are made to external individuals or sites, with typical examples including job candidates interviews, collaborations with remote experts, connecting with patients in telehealth networks, and calling suppliers of customers to discuss a business arrangement.

Adoption of New Technologies and Services

Although the industry is well over two decades now, hardware and software advances continue to drive higher-quality video, lower bandwidth requirements and feature-rich collaboration applications, but clearly the most visible trend is the evolution of cloud services.

Cloud services enable organizations with the ability to connect with virtually anyone who has an Internet access, offering customers a combination of affordability, flexibility, performance, short deployment time, redundancy, scalability, obsolescence protection, and more.


BOTTOM LINE… as organizations become increasingly global and the boundaries of what a “Working Space” is continue to evolve, the use of videoconference as a key day-to-day operational tool will clearly become the industry standard.

So, whether you are an IT professional or a Business Manager at a big or small company, the aspects and trends that we’ve previously outlined should be a part of your strategic thinking and planning process at all times.

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