Start and reschedule your video meetings from the VEEDEEO Timeline

The VEEDEEO Timeline is now easier to use!

The menu icons on the left bar are named to help you navigate through the page without wasting any time, and some upgrades were made to improve your interaction with VEEDEEO.

So, what you can do from your VEEDEEO Timeline?

As usual, login to your account to enter your VEEDEEO Timeline, where all your scheduled and past meetings are listed.


You can start a scheduled meeting by clicking START NEW or reschedule a past meeting by clicking COPY.


With the COPY option you can reschedule a meeting with the same participants, time or subject – for instance, a weekly meeting about project status, or a monthly meeting with investors. This will save you time inviting participants and creating the event.

At the top of your Timeline, on the right, you can quickly join a video meeting by clicking QUICK DIAL and entering a video room number (so you can connect to a video system or equipment) or an email (so you can send the meeting link to one or more participants and they can join from their desktops or mobile devices).


Or you can GO TO VIDEO SPACE and define the settings of enterance in the video meeting.


All set to start your next business VEEDEEO meeting? Login to your account and explore VEEDEEO.

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