7 Things you can do with video conferencing broadcast

If you are lacking ideas to start a live video broadcast session, get inspired with some of the (many) things you can do with this powerful communication tool.


1. Present new products and services to customers, fans and media at the same time

Make the big announcement through video and broadcast the launching event of that brand new special product or service to your large audience of enthusiasts, journalists, customers and partners.


2. Host real-time seminars or talks for professionals all over the world

Be it once a month or every week, supporting knowledge by hosting lectures with specialists is a great marketing weapon. Collaborators or external professionals worldwide, no manner who is your public, will recognise value in these events and get the word out. Nothing is more powerful for a brand or company than the word of mouth – especially if it is positive.


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3. Executive video meet-ups to exchange business expertise

Your company can become top of mind when it comes to brief video events. While saving money on logistics, you can also invite businessmen based abroad to join your video meet-ups and enrich them with their insights. This way you can build a privileged and exclusive communications channel to managers and directors and stand out.


4. Broadcast brand events to those who cannot attend physically

Company conventions, product collection presentations, brands international competitions… possibilities are endless. If a bunch of collaborators or partners could not take the plane to attend, they have a chance to be there, but remotely. Seated in the comfort of their offices, they can understand the new business directions of their company and learn what new projects are in the pipeline.


5. Report presentation

This might be useful to investor relations managers, for instance. They can use this as a report analysis and presentation tool and broadcast to all shareholders and associates while demonstrating results, business trends and other relevant content.


6. Online workshops

Personal trainer exercise routines, remote cooking or food processor recipe lessons, make up tips or even how to manage newborn babies – virtually almost anything can be broadcasted. Your company can have broadcast channels dedicated to online workshops with limited participation and turn into an extra income.


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7. Training events

In only one remote training session your company can gather a large number of attendees. This represents significant cost reductions, as it won’t be necessary to find a room, get food or coffee, or multiply the training sessions.


We challenge you to think of more video conferencing broadcast applications and share with us so we can help your business achieve success.


Oh, wait…

Before we finish, we are sure Youtube and Google Hangouts have crossed your mind. These tools are free and reach a large number of people. What VEEDEEO offers is a professional broadcast tool with premium support and, of course, a quality seal.

Big event to come? Start broadcasting today.

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